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Top Recurve Bow Manufacturers

November 13, 2014 / by Shawn Long

So you read about this fantasy novel that featured archers that looked cool while shooting their bows and you want to try it out. Recurve bows will work for you if this is what you are aiming for. However, buying one is going to be a hard task especially if you don’t know much about the manufacturers and their background. Here are some of the best recurve bow manufacturers to help you select and purchase your very first recurve bow.

Bear Archery
This brand is considered to be the pioneer of modern bows including recurve bows. They sometimes make recurve bows that are a bit expensive but will definitely give you your money’s worth. The best product that they made is the Bear Grizzly which is one of the finest recurve bows that you can ever find in the market today.

Martin Archery
This company was built over 60 years ago by Archers of the Martin family including Gail Martin who is part of the Hall of Fame of Archery. They have business worldwide and they make recurve bows in 12 countries around the world. They also merged with Damon Howatt Archery which expanded their line of products. The Martin Jaguar and Martin Saber are the best products that they have released so far. These bows are good for beginners as well as intermediate archers. The prices are also very reasonable and the top quality construction and shooting accuracy is very well developed.

This is a popular brand made over 80 years ago. This company doesn’t only sell bows they also sell their passion for archery because their staff are very knowledgeable when it comes to anything about archery. They have recurve bows that are divided to hunting and competition bows. They have the Buffalo and GameMaster as one of their best known recurve bows today.

PSE Archery
Established in 1970 by Pete Shepley and currently located in Tuscon, Arizona, the company specializes in making Compound bows, however they do have a few great offerings in the traditional recurve department as well. One of their most reliable models is the PSE Blackhawk, a 60 inch-long, beautiful bow that is suitable for both hunting and target practice. The $259 price tag makes it accessible to everyone.

Established by Pete Shepley in 1970, this company located in Tuscon, Arizona specializes in producing compound bows. However, they also have an interesting line of recurve bows as well. Their reliable PSE Blackhawk model is a 60 inch bow tht is beautiful and suited for target practice and hunting.

The Great Plains
This Texas based company is founded by Bill Forman and their main products are recurve bows and other traditional bows. The owner grew up in a town owned by Apaches which fueled his love for archery. Bill is also very hands-on with everything that is happening in the company. He never sends out representatives for meetings or shows. Bows made from this company are crafted with love and passion for archery and archers alike.

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