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Book Review: Daughter of the Forest

October 23, 2015 / by Shawn Long

daughterThis book is a historical fantasy by Juliet Marillier. In this novel, Lord column was given six sons all with different personalities. Liam was born as a natural leader, Diarmid has a lust for adventure; the twins Conor and Cormack had different callings. Finbar is the rebellious one who has the gift of insight and, of course, the youngest one is the compassionate Padriac.

However, it is the seventh child Scorcha, the only daughter who is destined to be the protector and defender of her family as well as to protect her land from the Northwood clan. This happened because her father was bewitched, and her brothers were bound by a spell that only she can lift.

To be able to reclaim her brother’s lives, Sorcha has to go through a journey that is full of pain, terror and loss. This is the only way to save her loved ones from the spell that bounds them. Sorcha learns that magic has no boundaries, and she will be faced with a choice of living the life she’s always known and a love that she needs.

Scorcha, was raised by her six older brothers. Because she lost her mother when she was born, she was ignored by her father most of the time. Lady Oonagh, her father’s new wife attacked her and her brothers, but she was able to escape into the forest. Her brothers, however, were all turned into swans.

Sorcha then learns that if she can sew six shirts from starwort and stay silent until the last shirt has been made, she will be able to free her brothers from the despicable Oonagh’s spell. She agrees to this condition, and her adventure in the forest begins.

This novel is one of the first novels that showcased sewing as a means to solve a problem. In history, most people—especially women—know how to sew because it is a skill that will help them earn a living and make clothes for their family. Before the invention of the sewing machine, women practiced hand sewing in repairing and making clothes and linens.

Today, there are more advanced sewing machines that are being sold in the market. These sewing machines already have a computer that enables it to program stitches and patterns. Because of this new technology, it’s easier to make and repair clothes nowadays. It’s also one of the reasons why more and more people are getting into sewing as a hobby and as a means for a living. And because there are child-friendly sewing machines, sewing has become popular among kids too.

Sewing is a skill that is important to learn not only because it’s very practical and has a lot of uses. Although hand sewing is often thought of as obsolete, it’s also good to learn the basics so you can have a back up once the machine breaks down. Hand sewing is also fun to learn and practice as a hobby. Once you get the hang of it, you may like hand sewing more than using an actual machine because of the experience that you are creating something with your hands.

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