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Best Mattresses for Couch Potatoes

July 12, 2015 / by Shawn Long

uponamattressSciFi fans spend their time sitting in front of their computer or home entertainment systems to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. These people don’t usually have a good posture because they don’t exercise or go out much. A good mattress that corrects spine alignment is what they need to improve posture and alleviate back problems. Most SciFi fans don’t get a lot of sleep because they are always doing some movie or series marathon. This is why when it’s time for these people to sleep, they need the best kind of sleep that they can have. The solution is to buy the best kind of mattress to support their back and give them a good night’s sleep. There are a few mattresses that give optimum back support that SciFi fans can take advantage of to correct their posture. Here are some tips when selecting a good mattress for your posture.

Personal preference should determine the best mattress.

There is no standard mattress that works for everyone when it comes to back pain. A person should choose which mattress helps them relieve any pain they have on their back. People who want to have a better posture should choose the best mattress that meets their standards, comfort level, and support. A mattress that gives them optimum sleep is the best choice.

Understand the components of the mattress.

The support that mattresses provide comes from the inner springs of the mattress. Each mattress has a different arrangement and number of coils. The padding that is set on top of mattresses also vary in thickness and the depth of each mattress can range from 7 to 20 inches deep. If you choose the number of coils, type of padding and depth of the mattress, you should have your personal preference.

Find a mattress with back support.

To achieve the natural alignment of the spine, the mattress that you choose should provide good support. Muscle sores in the morning can be prevented with the right amount of back support from the mattresses. Studies show that medium firm mattresses are the ones that provide better back pain relieve while sleeping compared to other types of firmness.

Create a balance between back support and comfort.

While back support is important when choosing the right mattress, overall comfort is just as important. A mattress that is too firm will give you aches and pains on the pressure points. Medium-firm mattresses tend to be more comfortable because it lets the body sink into the mattress a little bit more. Patients that are more comfortable with firmer mattresses for back support are encouraged to get a mattress with a thick padding.

Know when to buy a new mattress.

You should know when you need to get a new mattress when an old one is already visibly sagging in the middle part or is not comfortable anymore. Some people put boards underneath their mattresses when it starts to sag, but this is only a temporary fix because it is usually a signal that you need to buy a new one.

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