Shane's Place: Ultimate Sci-fi/Fantasy Webring Calling All Science Fiction Fans


Calling all sci-fi and fantasy addicts out there! This blog is made for all of you who share my interest. I want to get to know more people who are like me—because there are not many of us. I want to talk to those who let their imagination take them to places unknown to discover different things. Anyway, if you are not like me, I would also like to get to know you if you ever stumble upon my blog. That’s why I chose topics that everyone can relate to.
Also, maybe we should do some collaboration because I sometimes run out of things to blog about. I want to know what going on in the local communities and what are popular nowadays so I can also talk about them here. I would appreciate your help if you contact me or leave a comment. The topics that I choose don’t really have to be related to Sci-Fi or fantasy or anything—I am very open to a lot of topics.
Okay, so my name is Shane and I like Sci-Fi and I love reading fantasy novels because they take me to places that I can only visit in my mind. I also love dogs and they live with me in my house. We play a lot and I really love them with all my heart. Watching movies is one of my favorite past time and I love food, all kinds of food! I can watch movie and eat the whole day without getting tired.