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Book Review: Daughter of the Forest

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daughterThis book is a historical fantasy by Juliet Marillier. In this novel, Lord column was given six sons all with different personalities. Liam was born as a natural leader, Diarmid has a lust for adventure; the twins Conor and Cormack had different callings. Finbar is the rebellious one who has the gift of insight and, of course, the youngest one is the compassionate Padriac.

However, it is the seventh child Scorcha, the only daughter who is destined to be the protector and defender of her family as well as to protect her land from the Northwood clan. This happened because her father was bewitched, and her brothers were bound by a spell that only she can lift.

To be able to reclaim her brother’s lives, Sorcha has to go through a journey that is full of pain, terror and loss. This is the only way to save her loved ones from the spell that bounds them. Sorcha learns that magic has no boundaries, and she will be faced with a choice of living the life she’s always known and a love that she needs.

Scorcha, was raised by her six older brothers. Because she lost her mother when she was born, she was ignored by her father most of the time. Lady Oonagh, her father’s new wife attacked her and her brothers, but she was able to escape into the forest. Her brothers, however, were all turned into swans.

Sorcha then learns that if she can sew six shirts from starwort and stay silent until the last shirt has been made, she will be able to free her brothers from the despicable Oonagh’s spell. She agrees to this condition, and her adventure in the forest begins.

This novel is one of the first novels that showcased sewing as a means to solve a problem. In history, most people—especially women—know how to sew because it is a skill that will help them earn a living and make clothes for their family. Before the invention of the sewing machine, women practiced hand sewing in repairing and making clothes and linens.

Today, there are more advanced sewing machines that are being sold in the market. These sewing machines already have a computer that enables it to program stitches and patterns. Because of this new technology, it’s easier to make and repair clothes nowadays. It’s also one of the reasons why more and more people are getting into sewing as a hobby and as a means for a living. And because there are child-friendly sewing machines, sewing has become popular among kids too.

Sewing is a skill that is important to learn not only because it’s very practical and has a lot of uses. Although hand sewing is often thought of as obsolete, it’s also good to learn the basics so you can have a back up once the machine breaks down. Hand sewing is also fun to learn and practice as a hobby. Once you get the hang of it, you may like hand sewing more than using an actual machine because of the experience that you are creating something with your hands.

Best Mattresses for Couch Potatoes

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uponamattressSciFi fans spend their time sitting in front of their computer or home entertainment systems to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. These people don’t usually have a good posture because they don’t exercise or go out much. A good mattress that corrects spine alignment is what they need to improve posture and alleviate back problems. Most SciFi fans don’t get a lot of sleep because they are always doing some movie or series marathon. This is why when it’s time for these people to sleep, they need the best kind of sleep that they can have. The solution is to buy the best kind of mattress to support their back and give them a good night’s sleep. There are a few mattresses that give optimum back support that SciFi fans can take advantage of to correct their posture. Here are some tips when selecting a good mattress for your posture.

Personal preference should determine the best mattress.

There is no standard mattress that works for everyone when it comes to back pain. A person should choose which mattress helps them relieve any pain they have on their back. People who want to have a better posture should choose the best mattress that meets their standards, comfort level, and support. A mattress that gives them optimum sleep is the best choice.

Understand the components of the mattress.

The support that mattresses provide comes from the inner springs of the mattress. Each mattress has a different arrangement and number of coils. The padding that is set on top of mattresses also vary in thickness and the depth of each mattress can range from 7 to 20 inches deep. If you choose the number of coils, type of padding and depth of the mattress, you should have your personal preference.

Find a mattress with back support.

To achieve the natural alignment of the spine, the mattress that you choose should provide good support. Muscle sores in the morning can be prevented with the right amount of back support from the mattresses. Studies show that medium firm mattresses are the ones that provide better back pain relieve while sleeping compared to other types of firmness.

Create a balance between back support and comfort.

While back support is important when choosing the right mattress, overall comfort is just as important. A mattress that is too firm will give you aches and pains on the pressure points. Medium-firm mattresses tend to be more comfortable because it lets the body sink into the mattress a little bit more. Patients that are more comfortable with firmer mattresses for back support are encouraged to get a mattress with a thick padding.

Know when to buy a new mattress.

You should know when you need to get a new mattress when an old one is already visibly sagging in the middle part or is not comfortable anymore. Some people put boards underneath their mattresses when it starts to sag, but this is only a temporary fix because it is usually a signal that you need to buy a new one.

Top Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair

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pet hair vacuum poodleOkay, so even science fiction buffs love pets but we can all agree that we don’t like cleaning up after them, right? When you are doing this kind of activity, a vacuum can become your best friend. It will help you clean the mess right away and it won’t give you a hard time while doing it. In short, a vacuum can be your best friend through it all.

Choose the Right Vacuum

A vacuum that comes with a vacuum head made exclusively for pet hair is absolutely necessary. This will work for all types of hair—even the small ones. It will lift hair from carpet and every type of furniture that you have. It will also make it easier for you because you don’t have to carry a heavy vacuum around the house and will help you with cleaning corners and hard to reach areas of your home.

Some vacuums are also designed with a suction tube on one side of the brushroll to pick up pet hair. This leads to hair getting tangled up in the brush roll and cannot be considered as a good design. You should look for a vacuum with the suction tube placed in the middle of the brushroll so the hair will not be rolled but sucked up instead. Nobody wants to cut off a tight weave of hair.

You want your vacuum to also have large tubing to you don’t find hair jamming up the tube. You should also avoid those designs that bend the tubing because of the same reasons. Dyson has a lot of different attachments available.

The Best Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair

A handheld vacuum is more convenient than a cordless stick vacuum when it comes to dealing with pet hair. It can clean all types of furniture and even your car easier and hassle free.

According to reviews in top online shops, the best handheld vacuum is the Hoover Platinum LiNX Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum. The price might not be as cheap as other brands but you should always remember that you get what you pay for all the time. That being said, this vacuum is very much worth it.

This vacuum has a lithium-ion battery and a very powerful 18 volt power making it ideal for dealing with pet hair. It also includes three types of rubber blades that specifically deal with pet hair. The vacuum head also has a brushroll that is detachable for easy maintenance and it is made to pivot so you can reach corners and tight spots.

While there are other types of vacuum manufactured by Hoover, this is the one recommended for pet hair. Hoover made sure that this vacuum will address all your vacuum needs. Instead of going for vacuums that can have faulty tubes, this vacuum features three overlapping channels that are made to suck hair from the brushroll for more effective cleaning. It also features a super slim vacuum head that is equipped with bristles at the edges to clean under furniture where pet hair can be found most of the time.

Top Recurve Bow Manufacturers

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So you read about this fantasy novel that featured archers that looked cool while shooting their bows and you want to try it out. Recurve bows will work for you if this is what you are aiming for. However, buying one is going to be a hard task especially if you don’t know much about the manufacturers and their background. Here are some of the best recurve bow manufacturers to help you select and purchase your very first recurve bow.

Bear Archery
This brand is considered to be the pioneer of modern bows including recurve bows. They sometimes make recurve bows that are a bit expensive but will definitely give you your money’s worth. The best product that they made is the Bear Grizzly which is one of the finest recurve bows that you can ever find in the market today.

Martin Archery
This company was built over 60 years ago by Archers of the Martin family including Gail Martin who is part of the Hall of Fame of Archery. They have business worldwide and they make recurve bows in 12 countries around the world. They also merged with Damon Howatt Archery which expanded their line of products. The Martin Jaguar and Martin Saber are the best products that they have released so far. These bows are good for beginners as well as intermediate archers. The prices are also very reasonable and the top quality construction and shooting accuracy is very well developed.

This is a popular brand made over 80 years ago. This company doesn’t only sell bows they also sell their passion for archery because their staff are very knowledgeable when it comes to anything about archery. They have recurve bows that are divided to hunting and competition bows. They have the Buffalo and GameMaster as one of their best known recurve bows today.

PSE Archery
Established in 1970 by Pete Shepley and currently located in Tuscon, Arizona, the company specializes in making Compound bows, however they do have a few great offerings in the traditional recurve department as well. One of their most reliable models is the PSE Blackhawk, a 60 inch-long, beautiful bow that is suitable for both hunting and target practice. The $259 price tag makes it accessible to everyone.

Established by Pete Shepley in 1970, this company located in Tuscon, Arizona specializes in producing compound bows. However, they also have an interesting line of recurve bows as well. Their reliable PSE Blackhawk model is a 60 inch bow tht is beautiful and suited for target practice and hunting.

The Great Plains
This Texas based company is founded by Bill Forman and their main products are recurve bows and other traditional bows. The owner grew up in a town owned by Apaches which fueled his love for archery. Bill is also very hands-on with everything that is happening in the company. He never sends out representatives for meetings or shows. Bows made from this company are crafted with love and passion for archery and archers alike.

All about Portable Air Conditioners

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Watching those action packed sci-fi movies are best especially when you are in your cold room probably munching on some snacks. However, have you ever had those problems where a certain portion of the room is not being cooled by your window type air conditioner? This is why portable air conditioners are the way to go.

Portable air conditioners are mobile units that are made to cool and dehumidify small areas. Most of these units can be programmed to a specific temperature and time of operating much like a central cooling system. They take up some space but are really made to be low profile compared to window units. Portable air conditioners are also not very expensive.

What to Look For

Not all mobile air conditioners are alike. In addition to price and quality, you’ll want to check out these features when looking for the best portable air conditioner for your home.

When it comes to mobile air conditioners, bigger doesn’t mean better. Although you might want an air conditioner that is big enough to cool your room, larger units will only waste electricity. There is no point in making your house cooler if you can’t pay for your electric bills.

Energy Efficient
Look for the Energy Star certification from the government. This is a good indicator that the product is good in saving energy. The higher the energy start number, the more energy efficient it is. However, not all manufacturers apply for energy star certifications. There are even people who will lie about it.

Energy Efficiency: There’s no point cooling your house if your electric bill burns you. Compare the energy efficiency rating when buying: the higher the number, the more efficient the unit. Energy Star certification from the government is a good indicator, too, but not all companies apply for them; often manufacturers will say their units are Energy Star qualified instead.

You should look for programmable timers, temperature control and fan speed to help you find the optimum setting that is comfortable for you. Look for an included window kit so that you can have a vent that goes outside for the hot air. You also want to pay attention to removing and re installing the window kit. Remote controls are also a nice added feature and are becoming a standard for portable air conditioners.

Most portable air conditioners can cool and dehumidify at the same time but some can do it separately as well. If you are trying to vent the hot air through your attic or ceiling, you can buy a self-evaporative air conditioner to prevent issues about moisture. These types of units will save you from draining the unit everyday. When dehumidifying, you always need to check the bucket to see if it’s full. Some unites have a full bucket indicator.

Noise Level
Just like any type of air conditioner, portable ones also make noise. If this is an issue for you, check the level for noise ratings if they match your expectations. Noise is measured using decibels but when it comes to air conditioners, they use an A-weighted system for the human ear.

Laser Hair Removal Information

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You probably know a lot about lasers because of the science fiction shows that you’ve been watching. Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that involves using highly concentrated beams of light to penetrate the hair follicle and kill the hair inside it. This is the second most commonly practiced cosmetic treatment in the world, next to wrinkle relaxing treatments. There are many types of lasers that have been developed to be used for this treatment to accommodate different types of hair and skin color. Doctors still say that this treatment is best for people who have light skin and dark hair but there have been many innovations when it comes to lasers that were developed for other skin types. Today, a person with any kind of skin and hair combination can have this treatment done with no problems.

Why choose laser hair removal?

This treatment is cheaper than waxing when you think about long-term effects. This treatment is sure to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. Most people avail of this treatment to remove excess hair or just because they want to try having a new look.

This procedure needs multiple treatments to get fantastic results. The effect of this treatment depends on the skin type of the person; some may last longer than others. Only professionals will be able to tell how many treatments you need and how you are going to maintain the hair reduction results. This all depends on the person’s skin and hair combination as well as the laser that was used for the procedure. If you already know your skin and hair combination, it will be up to you to research on the type of laser that is best for you or the clinic where the technology is available.

Possible risks

All treatments have risks that accompany it depending on the sensitivity of the skin. These risks can be minimized if you choose a good dermatologist to perform the procedures.

However, these side effects can still be seen:
• Pain
• Blisters
• Burns
• Skin pigmentation problems
• Scarring

How to prepare for the procedure

Before the Procedure
• Avoid tanning beds, sunbathing, chemical peels or collagen injections or waxing for two weeks before the procedure.
• Avoid deodorants, perfumes or any potential irritants in the area to be treated before and after the procedure.
• Avoid taking aspirin or any anti-inflammatory drugs or herbal supplements because excessive bleeding my occur.

What to expect after the procedure

After the treatment, the patients should expect redness and swelling of the hair follicle, which is normal. Pain and discomfort which can be easily treated with pain medications or the doctor may give a prescription for a topical antiseptic cream that is to be applied after treatment. The patients are also advised to avoid direct sun exposure for at least one week following all laser hair removal procedures. Remember that all cosmetic procedures have side effects that are minimal once the treatment is done.